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Facebook Money Secrets (How -To's) That You Should Know!

Make Money With Facebook
Fast, free and simple way to build your own Amazon store on Facebook
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Put Amazon and Facebook together to earn?
Facebook allows users to make pages that you can add html to. Amazon affiliates can use widgets and gives you the html to paste these widgets to your facebook money page. Amazon sells almost everything and allows you to sell those products for them for a commission. Signing up to be an affiliate is free. Amazon does the selling and ships the products for you. That is where you are going to get items to sell on your Facebook money store. Now Get ready to learn some amazing stuff and earn money with facebook.
  Newest Video. How to use a facebook note to sell for amazon. 

How-to Add An I Frame Tab To Facebook Fan Page Timeline.

How-to add a Second,Third, Fourth, Ect...I Frame Tab to Your Fan Page.